Julie Reyes Oda

I'm a math teacher at Nānākuli High and Intermediate and HSTA Leeward President. I support a strong economy, strong labor practices, good jobs, a living wage, the rights of Native Hawaiians, transparency in government, and protecting our environment.

I want to be the voice for District 40. I want to get to know residents in the community to hear their current needs/concerns and I want to hear from you.

I have the energy and the will to fill this office. I work hard, I speak up, and I speak out. Come talk to me when you see me around the neighborhood.

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I am a teacher. As I walk door to door, I encounter many homes with kids in public schools. But, whether you have kids or not, schools make an impact on communities and we want to maintain good schools in ‘Ewa.

Come join me and State Rep. Matt LoPresti as we discuss school issues in ‘Ewa that matter to our residents.

Picking up nomination papers at the Office of Elections.

The next day, they all came to support me dropping off nomination papers...

...and actually becoming a candidate for House District 40.